How Sex Toys Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

vibesWhile of course a man will receive the most pleasure when he is satisfying himself, he can also receive a lot of it by watching his woman pleasuring herself. For example, there is nothing hotter than seeing a woman enjoy herself with her vibrator, with her legs spread wide open in front of him. This is extremely erotic and a big turn on for both, and therefore it is also great foreplay before sex. Seeing her sexually pleasuring herself is sure to make him aroused and if this happens, then it’s fair to say that some really kinky sex is likely to follow. But how can you incorporate the toys she may be using in a sexual encounter? Here are some thoughts.

When you’re having sex, you can use her toys to add to the sensations. Perhaps if she is giving you a blowjob, she could rub the vibrator on her clitoris. Or if you’re enjoying penetration, she could put it in her spare hole down there. In addition to the woman feeling extra pleasure during these situations, the male might to if the vibrator is close to his adult cock. Maybe the man could purchase a cock ring – possibly a vibrating one – for his sexual adventures as this will help him to keep longer and harder erections. Any of these toys could be turned up for added vibrations as the two of you reach the point of orgasm, to ensure that you both have the most amazing climaxes imaginable.

While sex is much about the act itself, a lot of it is also about foreplay and getting each other in the mood. Her using toys and pleasuring herself in front of her man is a great form of seduction, and one that is likely to turn him on a lot. She could also purchase some very sexy and revealing lingerie to tease him with – or if she would rather, she could also choose to wear nothing at all. If you’re unsure about sex toys and need more information, search around the internet to find some that you think you could put to good use.

As you can see, you do not have to keep your sex vanilla and it can be very fun to spice things up. Sex toys are a great way of doing this and enhancing the pleasure that you feel. Give it a try and see what works best for you.

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