Are chubby men more attractive?

Do you need to be super fit to date an escort in London? No, you don’t need to be 100 % perfect to date escorts in London or anywhere else for that matter. I am not sure where the idea comes from, but there are certainly a lot of men out there who think they need to be super fit to date escorts. It does not really matter to me or any of the other girls at Woolwich escorts of that you are not totally fit. As a matter of fact, I have never met a man or woman who has been totally fit. Am I totally fit? No, I am not.


I think it is about time that I confessed something. Sure some girls may be totally hooked on dating men who are totally fit, but not all women feel like that. I prefer dating men who are a little bit on the chubby side. For some reason, I find them to be much more attractive and at the same time, easier to get on with. Do I hook up with chubby men on Woolwich escorts dates? I certainly do and I think that many of the other girls at the escort agency, are happy to do the same thing.


Are we making too much out of the body beautiful? I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Plus size escorts are becoming more and more popular in London, and we have a couple of plus size girls at Woolwich escorts. I think that many of us are becoming more and more tired of the body beautiful, and you can see how that attitude reflected in society today. The thing is that I am sure that things are going to change even more in the future, and we will become more relaxed about our bodies.


The other day I had a dinner date with a new gent at Woolwich escorts. He was a little bit on the chubby side and to be honest, he was one of the most attractive men that I had ever met during my time with Woolwich escorts. Not only did I think that his body looked very natural, but on top of that, he had  an amazing personality that I really enjoyed. He was very relaxed in my company, and I felt good about myself when I was with him. In all honesty, I am looking forward to seeing him again.


None of us are perfect, and I really do think that we need to be less hung up about our bodies. Some people never get into perfect shape and I can’t say that I have ever been in perfect shape myself.  When I left school, I have to admit that I was skinny as a rake. Did I look good? I am not sure that I actually looked so good. It was not until I joined Woolwich escorts that I actually learned that a lot of men appreciate a few curves. Instead of trying to lose weight like mad, I found myself trying to put on weight instead. These days I really appreciate my curves and I am not the only to do so.


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